Why Custom Manufacture Cable Lugs?

Electrical Connections Ltd custom manufactures cable accessories and cable connection products in New Zealand and supplies world-wide.

As a manufacturer-supplier, ECL has unique design, supply and delivery capabilities, which enables us to customise bespoke products for many applications.

In previous blogs we’ve discussed shearhead connectors and their unique design profile. In this blog we will address the question: “why should you custom manufacture products to suit your application?”

Address Critical Crimping Ratios

The cables we work with are often special or imperial sizes. This means that standard fittings and crimp dies are not always correct for the application. Our custom manufacturing capability allows us to manufacture for specific applications, and to ensure the finished fitting is supplied complete with the correct crimp information.

Address Terminating Space

In modern switchgear, limited cable termination space often presents a challenge. Lug palms can be custom manufactured as narrow palm, or differing hole spacings in double bolt applications to ensure a successful termination.

Address Double Bolt Applications and Grip

DC and many medium voltage connections often require double bolt applications. Palm lengths can be specific with custom manufacturing and similarly, the barrel can be supplied with flared barrel/bellmouth end to suit flexible cables.

Address Limited Space

Other switchgear applications due to space constraints may require right angle lugs. The ECL RA and 45 Series right angle bi metal lugs connectors are designed specifically where space is at a premium. Space limitations, ECL have the connection solution.

Ensure Good Cable Connections

ECL manufactures electrical connection products using the highest quality copper lugs or aluminium materials. Please use our contact form or call us directly to speak to our expert team for advice.

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