Shearhead Connectors

Shearhead cable connectors are a reliable and cost-effective solution to join a variety of cables or conductors. Find out more about these connecting links and browse our range below.

Shearbolt connectors can accommodate almost all cable sizes with either copper or aluminium conductors in low and medium-voltage applications. This means they’re a versatile product for a wide range of applications.

They’ll help lower job cost and client downtime and are especially handy during sudden cable outages. With this flexibility, you can minimize your overall inventory. You don’t have to over stock lugs of different sizes or pay for unnecessary inventory.

At Electrical Connections Ltd, our shearbolt connectors are available as both lug or link in a range of sizes. They are quick and easy to use, providing optimal cable terminating for any job. They can be fitted onto copper and aluminium conductors.

For more details about our shearhead connectors, browse through our list below.

Why Choose Us as Your Shearbolt Connector Supplier?

Shearbolt connectors are designed with predetermined shear points that ensure a good connection — no matter the size of the aluminium or copper cables or conductors. It’s important to have an ample supply of these cable connectors, so your team is always ready for any low or medium-voltage installation/repair job.

Electrical Connections Ltd can keep you stocked up on connecting links through:

A wide inventory of high quality products

Our shearhead connectors are manufactured and certified in Europe using high-strength aluminium alloy and shearbolt technology. They also undergo stringent quality control before leaving our facilities.

Excellent customer service

We match quality products with equally exceptional customer service. Our team will guide you through your purchase process, explain your options and ship orders to your location as quickly as possible.

Exceptional technical support

Our job doesn’t stop at shipping your orders. Our team provides exceptional technical support through reference tables and technical documents that are all available online. Feel free to give us a call for any further inquiries.

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