Bimetal Lugs and Links

Electrical Connections Ltd offer a full range of bimetallic lugs and links for both standard metric conductors and named conductors. We also offer customized products. See the full range below.

Bimetallic cable lugs are mostly used when an electrical aluminium cable needs to be terminated by a copper busbar or any copper contact.

The use of bimetallic cable lugs and links assures a technically sound, safe and durable electrical joint or termination. Electrical Connections Ltd is here to help make sure your company is always stocked with high quality supply of bimetal lugs and links.

Our inventory includes a variety of bimetal lugs, such as long palm lugs, stalk lugs and reverse bimetal lugs. We also provide bimetal switch gear connectors and bimetal links. Almost all our bimetal connectors can be manufactured to order. We understand that the requirements for such products are varied.

To learn more about our available bimetal lugs and links, don’t hesitate to browse through our list below.

Why Choose Us as Your Bimetal Connector Supplier?

Bimetallic lugs ensure jointing of aluminium cables with copper contact is technically sound. You wouldn’t want to compromise anyone’s safety due to low stock on bimetallic lugs. That’s why we’ll make sure you’re always stocked up with the highest quality parts you need.

Top-quality products

We have an in-house facility to manufacture bimetal connectors to your specific requirements. This facility performs strict quality control to ensure every cable lug or link we ship meets the required specifications and standards. Our company also partnered with reputable global cable connector suppliers to sustain and constantly expand our inventory.

Specialist knowledge

With over two decades in our field, we have developed expertise in cable lugs and accessories. Our team is here to help you find the right bimetallic lugs and links for your specific application as well as ensure they are properly applied.

Fast turnaround and delivery

We help reduce your operational downtime and that of your clients by manufacturing and shipping our products promptly — wherever you are. We can also manufacture your bimetal links at short notice, just get in touch with our team.

Exceptional technical support

Our job doesn’t stop at shipping. We provide exceptional technical support through reference tables and technical documents that are available to download free online. You can also reach out to us and give us a call for any further inquiries.

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