Aluminium Lugs and Links

Electrical Connections Ltd is your trusted supplier of aluminium connectors and other cable accessories across Australasia. Browse through our full range of products below for lightweight, durable, aluminium solutions.

Aluminium Cable Lugs, Connectors and Links links are a cost-effective option when it comes to cable termination. They also have the ability to be “dual rated” or used with both aluminium cable lugs and copper cables, making them a versatile choice. Please contact us before using this method.

At Electrical Connections Ltd, we offer a wide range of aluminium connectors. Our Lugs are manufactured from solid aluminium rod and high-conductivity aluminium. They have sealed palm ends, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our aluminium links are made from electrical-grade aluminium tube. They are designed for jointing aluminium stranded sectors and stranded circular conductors.

For the full list of our aluminium cable lugs and connectors, browse our products below.

Why Choose Our Aluminium Lugs and Links?

As important components of your installation or repair jobs, aluminium lugs and links should always be on hand. Partner with us and our team will help keep your supply of aluminium connectors stocked.

Our lugs and links come in standard sizes as well as custom options. Our in-house manufacturing facility means we’re able to produce tailored solutions to fit your most specific requirements. Our team has decades of specialist knowledge and experience to help you select the right cable lugs for the job.

Committed to a policy of continuous improvement, all our products undergo stringent quality control. They will be shipped to your location as fast as possible to reduce operational downtime.

In addition, we provide exceptional technical support. We offer several reference tables and technical details all online and free for you to download.

Need further assistance? Just give us a call.

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