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Electrical Connectors Ltd supplies wholesale right angle bimetallic cable lugs of the highest grade and specification, connecting your business to the world’s best technology. Owned and operated in New Zealand, ECL have been supplying cable connector products to the electrical industry for the past 23 years, so you can be confident in the integrity of our product and experience. In fact, quality control is so important to us that we are currently developing our own in-house connector heat cycle test facility to provide certified products to recognised international standards.

In terms of our product, lugs or lug nuts are a common tool used to terminate an electrical conduction and secure a connection between mechanical devices by joining cable wires. Choosing the right lug is essential to ensuring a secure and clean connection, as well as ensuring the long term durability of your application. Our specialist right angle lugs are designed to be rotated to any position, so there’s no need to twist or bend your cables to feed them in the right direction away from terminals. High quality right angle bi metal lugs connectors are essential for protecting your cables from cross-talk, interference or damage generated by kinks and bends.

Damaged cables become costly and dangerous, so our purpose built right angle lugs are advantageous to preventing unnecessary maintenance or mechanical failure. Ideal for telecommunication, transport, farm and construction equipment, our range of lugs are of particular benefit in industries where space is minimal. Our right angle lugs also benefit from having high temperature ratings designed to perform in the most demanding conditions – such as high heat, vibrational and corrosive chemical environments – an important advantage across the Australasian climate and our heavy-duty industries.

Crafted from high conductivity seamless copper tubing, our right angle lugs come conveniently electrotinned and crimped with standard tools. Requiring a minimal learning curve, if you can hammer and solder, you can acquire a reliable automatic connection. We supply a wide range of parts to suit your project needs, with right angle lugs built to meet different cable sizes, stud size and dimensions. We also produce 45 degree angle lugs and larger sizes on request, allowing you to match the right lug to your exact specifications. Furthermore, we are constantly manufacturing new products to meet changing industry requirements.

Electronical Connectors Limited’s unique ability to develop bespoke connector products for our diverse customer base has lead us to being considered number one in innovative connection solutions and rewards customers with top tier customer service, global sourcing and supply, custom design to manufacture, and timely delivery and customer support.

To get a clear idea about what the ECL experience looks like from first contact to dispatch, read our Case Study of Supplying Urgent Bespoke Bimetal Lugs.

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