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Electrical Connections is a leading manufacturer and supplier of both standard metric and bespoke bimetal lugs in Australia, New Zealand and across the Pacific region. We offer a full range of product to the electrical, solar, manufacturing and construction industries. Our bi metal lugs connectors are manufactured using electrical grade aluminium and copper and feature a high strength friction welded Al/Cu joint.

From first point of contact to delivery, ECL provide innovative solutions for electrical connections and terminations. Our ,secure supply chains, in-house design and manufacture mean customer service is second to none. Uncompromising standards result in unique bimetal solutions manufactured for your specific needs. Our extensive in-house capabilities, mean we can fast track orders and meet critical deadlines.  Please read our recent case study for an example.

Our extensive range of bimetal lugs includes long palm bimetal lugs, bimetal stalk lugs, reverse bimetal lugs, right angle lugs, narrow palm bimetal lugs and also the full range for flexible aluminium cable

A brief summary of each typecan be found below.

Long Palm Bimetal Lug
Our long palm bimetal lugs are manufactured from friction welded high purity aluminium and copper rod. Excellent for terminating onto air break switchgear and double shear bolt connector applications, the barrels are pre-filled with joint compound and secured with an end cap. Unlike standard bimetal lugs on the market, our long palm lugs can be hole punched, with 2 holes to the customer’s exact requirements, resulting in higher precision. The long palm bimetal lugs can be manufactured to suit the flexible aluminium.

Bimetal Stalk Lugs
If your switchgear connection requires a copper stalk or pin, then we can manufacture to order bimetal stalk lugs to fit standard sized aluminium cables and standard hex die crimping. Our stalk lugs have a friction welded A1/Cu joint and are manufactured from electrical grade high conductivity aluminium and copper. The aluminium barrel is supplied complete with jointing paste and a sealed end cap. As with all ECL lugs, our bimetal links stalk lugs can be customised to your specific industry needs and can be manufactured to suit flexible aluminium cable.

Reverse Bimetal Lugs

Reverse bimetal lugs have an aluminium palm, a copper barrel, and are generally used when a bolted connection is required between a copper cable and an aluminium busbar or terminal. Manufactured from high quality aluminium and with a friction welded joint, they provide a electrically sound joint. Reverse bimetals are crimped using standard hexagonal crimp dies.

Right Angle Bimetal Lugs

Manufactured to the same standard as the bimetal long palm lugs, the right-angle lugs are unique in the way of a 90 degree palm.  This allows easier connection at the termination point if it is too difficult to bend the cable around.  These lugs can be manufactured to suit flexible aluminium.

For any sizes or specifications not mentioned please call us to discuss your requirements..

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