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Electrical Connections Limited are leading manufacturers of both standard metric and customised bimetal lugs in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific. We offer a full range of bimetal lugs to the electrical, manufacturing and construction industries. Our bimetal lugs are manufactured using highest electrical grade aluminium and copper and feature a very strong fusion welded A1/Cu joint.

From first point of contact to delivery, ECL provides innovative solutions for electrical connections. We combine top-quality Kiwi customer service with global expertise, from our secure supply chains, in-house manufacture, on-going customer assistance and safe delivery service. Our uncompromising standards result in novel bimetal lug solutions manufactured for your specified needs. Due to our extensive in-house capabilities, we can fast track orders and work to short lead times. Please read our recent  case study for an example.

Bimetal copper lugs create a link between two conducting metals – aluminium and copper in this case. Aluminium is a light, reactive metal with good electrical and thermal conductivity; it has excellent  ductility and formability and is a particularly cost-effective solution when formed into electrical distribution cables.

Copper is considered a noble, i.e. corrosion-resistant, metal that shares with aluminium a potentially useful combination of characteristics that include high electrical and thermal conductivity. Both  aluminium and copper may alloy with each other and a wide range of other alloying elements.  In addition, they may be worked to achieve further desirable characteristics.

However, it is not the purity of aluminium or copper in the relevant fixed side of the electrical connection, but rather, it is the Al – Cu joints themselves that are critical. When fusion-welding is used to create the aluminium – copper link, a copper sub – system is joined to a copper – rich  CuAl alloy on one side of the fused alloy link. As a consequence,  materials in the peripheral  “fixed” joints differ as little as possible from the alloy that forms the relevant side of the bimetal lug.

Both of these metals are excellent conductors, however, they are prone to corrosion and strain. For this reason, sourcing high quality bi metal lugs connectors is essential to securing high voltage electrical connections such as switch-gears and buzz-bars. ECL produce bimetal lugs that have been expertly welded so that they successfully isolate corrosion to a small area inside the connector, rather than impact the whole electrical connection. Stopping corrosion at the point they are attached controls the distribution lines and minimises risks due to damage over time. At Electrical Connections, we ensure our bimetal copper and aluminium lugs are not exposed to air upon solder and joined to maximise their mechanical endurance.

Our full range of bimetal lugs includes  Long Palm Bimetal LugBimetal Stalk Lugs and  Bimetal Links. We will give an overview of their uses and benefits and how ECL manufactures these conductors to provide the highest quality capability and life span.

Long Palm Bimetal Lug

Our long palm bimetal lugs are manufactured from friction welded high purity aluminium and copper rod. Excellent for terminating onto air break switchgear and double bolt applications, the barrels are pre-filled with joint compound and secured with an end cap. Unlike standardised palm lugs on the market, out long palm lugs can be hole punched to the customer’s exact requirements, resulting in higher precision.

Bimetal Stalk Lugs

Stalk lugs are primarily used to attach to an overhead conductor. If your switchgear connection requires a copper stalk or pin, then we can manufacture bimetal stalk lugs to fit standard sized aluminium cables and standard hex die crimping. Our stalk lugs have a friction welded A1/Cu joint and are manufactured from electrical grade high conductivity aluminium and copper. The aluminium barrel is supplied complete with jointing paste and a sealed end cap. As with all ECL lugs, our bimetal stalk bimetallic lugs can be customised to your specific industry needs.

Bimetal Links

Bimetal links connect copper and aluminium cables to repair or lengthen wires and are essential to a long-lasting secure cable connection. Electrical Connections has a comprehensive range of bimetal links from 25mm to 630mm. Manufactured from high grade conductivity aluminium and copper to ensure reliability, the aluminium barrels are supplied with a jointing compound and seal cap to limit corrosion. For ease of use our compression information is provided with each bimetal link. We offer a fast turnaround for all bimetal link orders and can manufacture specifically for use with copper cables.

For any sizes or specifications not mentioned  please call us to discuss your requirements.

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