A Closer Look at Specialised Crimping Tools

At Electrical Connections, we are committed to bringing you the most innovative, high-quality electrical system components and cable accessories the industry has to offer. In this blog, we delve into our range of specialised crimping tools for electrical industry professionals.

Crimp Tooling Equipment

Whatever the requirements of your job, we’re confident you’ll find the solution you’re looking for in our comprehensive family of crimp tooling products. Take the CLCHL120NT Hex Crimper. This Hex Crimper is perfect for those who need a reliable crimper that will stand up to the rigours of regular use on the most demanding work sites. Available with removable handles and carry case, this crimper employs over-centre crimp action and self-contained, rotating dies.

Battery Powered Crimpers

For those in need of a powered crimper, we offer the BCL-12 Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimper. The BCL-12 features an ergonomic, pistol-grip design for comfort and stability, and the perfectly balanced crimp head turns 180 degrees to provide the operator with ease of use in tight and hard-to-reach spaces. Each BCL-12 comes as a complete package with a moulded carry case and battery charger.

For an even more high-tech option, busy contractors can’t go past the BCJ13-30. This battery powered crimper features a crimping head that turns a full 360° paired with a powerful, two-stage pump. This tool offers the operator the unique ability to control and monitor the crimp operation via a mini-USB interface. The BCJ13-30 comes with its own custom-made steel carry case and includes crimp analysis software.

Hydraulic Crimping Heads

Designed to offer the operator fast, easy, and reliable crimping of larger transmission connectors, the HC100HT Hydraulic Crimping Head features quick-release functionality for easy electrical cable connectors entry. 

The HC630A Hydraulic Crimping Head is capable of delivering 30 tonnes of crimping force. Built for distribution and transmission applications, the HC630A can handle up to 800mm of aluminium links and 630mm of copper.

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